Advanced Social Media Practices for First Responder Agencies 02/07/2023

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Is your agency’s social media stale or just not connecting to the people you serve? Are you ready to share important information in an engaging way? This course will focus on telling your agency’s story honestly, what content to emphasize, what to avoid, and how graphics and photos can make your mission stand out – all without resorting to gimmicks.

Public Relations and Media Relations for First Responders 02/28/2023

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Communicating with the residents and community members you serve is a critical component in building trust, relationships, and legitimacy in the eyes of those you are sworn to protect. Additionally, building a rapport and managing your relationship with the media that covers your department can lead to consistent news coverage and create an ally when you need to get information out in a timely manner.

On-Camera Media Training for Municipal Employees (in Partnership with Boston 25)

For many municipal leaders and employees, talking on camera to news reporters is one of the more nerve-wracking and uncomfortable responsibilities they find themselves faced with. Building your comfort level while speaking on-camera comes from willingness, preparation, and practice. Partnering with Boston 25 veteran News Reporter Bob Ward and Chief Photographer Adam Liberatore, this two-day course will help you to understand the importance of on-camera interviews, what to do and what not to do while on camera, and will include practical on-camera experiences and direct feedback.

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