Captain Stephen Davis (Ret.)

Captain Stephen Davis (Ret.)


Stephen Davis’ story began in the dark swamps of the deep south. He knew from a young age there must be more to life than hunting gators and floating cypress logs to the mill. When the opportunity presented itself, he struck out to find adventure – armed with only his banjo and an overactive sense of right and wrong.

As he wandered the lonely, dusty byways of the old south, a kindly police officer took pity on him. Through a four-minute musical training montage featuring the band White Lion, the veteran officer turned young Stephen into a crime-fighting juggernaut. For the next 32 years, Stephen honed his skills in every area of law enforcement while earning numerous commendations, medals, and even an Officer of the Year award for engineering an operation that took 25 pedophiles off the streets.

When the Facebook password fell in his lap one day, he took the chance to finally blow the lid off the Pensacola Police Department by exposing them for what they really were – an assemblage of hard-charging, soft-hearted, dedicated-to-a-fault police officers that could not leave any wrong unrighted. His storytelling, either sharing tales of heroic cops or explaining how to navigate beach traffic, struck a chord with the populace and altered how people viewed the department. While some stories had upwards of a million readers, he is most proud of how social media drew the community together.

Captain Stephen Davis retired from the Pensacola Police Department in 2021. He is a graduate of Troy University, the Florida Leadership Academy, and is a cancer survivor. He is currently the President of the Pensacola’s Finest Foundation and tries to write when not attending to the dog’s every whim. He is married to his very patient wife, Elvira, and they have two adult sons (and a DIL!) who turned out pretty well despite his best efforts.