JGPR Academy is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary today!!

From Day 1, our goal has been to provide excellent and informative training to those who work in the sectors we proudly serve — Police, Fire, Schools, and Municipal Government.

In one year we’ve taught nearly 700 students from 41 states across the U.S. The number of classes and instructors we have to offer has more than doubled.

We’ve covered topics like public relations, media relations, crisis management, social media, mindfulness and well-being, emergency management, and effectively managing internal investigations.

The feedback we’ve gotten from students across the country has been tremendous and it truly means the world to us when we hear that what we’ve taught students will be directly applied to their jobs and professions.

We want to thank all of our students, instructors, staff, and supporters for a fantastic first year and we’re thrilled to see what Year 2 brings!

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