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John Guilfoil
John Guilfoil

John Guilfoil is the Founder and Owner of JGPR, founding the public relations firm in 2013 to support media relations for police and fire departments during a crisis. Since then, the company has expanded to include school districts, public health agencies, public works, state/county agencies and whole municipal governments, as well as non-profits and business clients.

He is also the Founder and Owner of JGPR Academy.

Benjamin Paulin is the Vice President of John Guilfoil Public Relations and Manager of JGPR Academy.

Ben oversees the company’s Canton office, which manages the company’s clients south of Boston, including police departments, fire departments, school districts and municipal government agencies.

Fire Chief Roger Hatfield has over 40 years of private, municipal, state and federal experience in life safety and emergency management.

He started his fire service career in 1978. He worked part-time in a non-firefighting role for the City of Nashua, NH Fire Department. In 1984, the City of Nashua Fire Department hired him as a full-time firefighter. Chief Hatfield worked his way through the ranks and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Superintendent of the Training Division in 1990, to Superintendent of Training in 1992, Assistant Chief of the Department in 2001 and to Chief in June 2004. He retired as Chief from the City of Nashua, NH in 2007.

Stephen Davis served the Pensacola Police Department for thirty-two years before retiring as a Captain in 2021. Among his many duties, he also managed the department’s social media, growing it more than 800% in four years. The Pensacola Police Department’s social media is recognized as one of the best nationally and has twice been awarded for its engaging storytelling, as well as being featured by national news organizations.

David Avery is a retired Randolph Police officer having served for 32 years. During his career he served as a patrol officer, duty detective, prosecutor and supervisor before retiring as an executive officer with the rank of Lieutenant.

Upon assignment to Detective Commander he supervised all detective units including general investigations, narcotics, gangs, prosecution and school resource officers as well as public records, background investigations and professional standards. He was proactive in community programs involving opioid use, mental health and emergency management and served as the domestic violence officer for fifteen years.

Rob Reardon has been in the Fire Service for over 24 years. Currently, he is the Chief of the Duxbury Fire Department in Massachusetts where he has worked for the last 21 years. Chief Reardon is a National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer graduate, as well as a Chief Fire Officer graduate from the Massachusetts Fire Academy. He is the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Duxbury Fire Department, the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team and the Southeastern Mass. Technical Rescue Team. 

Shannon Mulaire is an award winning journalist with more than 2 decades of experience in major markets in front of and behind the camera. Her assignments have taken her, a fluent Spanish speaker, from the Dominican Republic where she appeared on both English and Spanish language stations to anchoring live post game shows on the field after multiple Super Bowls.

Karyn Regal started her news career as a 16-year-old in the Merrimack Valley by taking advantage of an internship program solely because she wanted to get out of high school on a half-day; she found herself back there a few decades later as a veteran crisis reporter covering one of the worst natural gas disasters in American history.

Chief George McNeil is a lifetime law enforcement professional with 37 years of experience. Having graduated first in his police academy class, and subsequently working his way through the ranks of the Randolph Police Department, he was appointed as Chief of the Somerset Police Department in 2014, where he proudly led the department until his retirement in 2021.

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