Bringing attention to the positive work your department is involved in is essential to connecting with the community members you serve. When you highlight your department’s good work, you enhance public trust and positive perception of your organization.

Here are some tips:

  1. Develop a media relations strategy: Establish a relationship with local media outlets and reporters. Make sure that you are accessible to them and provide them with regular updates and press releases about the positive activities and accomplishments of your department.
  2. Utilize social media: Social media is an excellent tool to present positive news to the community. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share stories, photos and videos.
  3. Create a newsletter: Consider developing a regular newsletter that highlights the good work of your department. Include stories, photos and updates that showcase the dedication and commitment of your officers or firefighters.
  4. Host events: Plan community events that promote the great work your department is doing. This could include open houses, charity events, touch a truck events or public demonstrations of the skills and abilities of your officers or firefighters.
  5. Recognize accomplishments: Recognize the achievements and accomplishments of your officers or firefighters. Share their accomplishments with the community through press releases and social media posts with photos and videos.
  6. Engage with your community: Engage with the community through regular outreach programs and activities. This can include things like neighborhood meetings, participating in community events and public safety initiatives that can help build relationships between your department and the public.

Remember, it’s important to be proactive in highlighting the positive work your department does no matter how small. By taking the time to develop a media relations strategy, using social media, hosting events, recognizing your officers/firefighters accomplishments and engaging with the community, you can help break down barriers with the media and the public.

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