Public Relations and Media Relations

Possessing a solid knowledge and understanding of public relations and media relations is key to gaining trust and building strong relationships. This is true for the smallest municipal agency to the largest corporation.

But what exactly does it mean to gain the trust of clients, consumers, the general public or whoever your target audience may be? Here are some common factors that come into play:

Having consistent messaging across all platforms

Be consistent and do not dilute your message. A press release, social media post or statement about an identifiable topic that includes keywords that matter to your target audience is more likely to be discoverable, read and understood by those you are trying to reach. 

Respond to questions/messages as quickly as possible… and listen to feedback

Timeliness and effective communication are essential to building strong relationships. Make yourself available and responsive. 

Be as open and transparent as possible during a crisis or emergency

A crisis or emergency can be a challenge, but it can also be an opportunity to prove leadership and strengthen relationships through proper, calm, organized and honest reactions. Even the perception of dragging your feet can lead to doubt in leadership. 

Find creative ways to engage with the public and be front-facing

Get engaged with the community and with your followers. Request feedback and input as much as possible. 

JGPR Academy offers courses on a wide variety of subjects, from crisis management to social media best practices to media relations. At the heart of all of these is gaining the trust of those you serve, and our courses will explore this topic from many angles. For a complete list of courses currently being offered, visit our Course Catalog here. 


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